Brief Builder’s Workshop “Early Bird” Offer

Sssshhhhh ...

I'm not telling this to everybody, but I'm offering it to you.​

That checklist I sent you will be a bonus from a course I'm currently developing called Brief Builder's Workshop. It covers the specific Microsoft Word features attorneys and law office staff use to format legal briefs and other complex pleadings.

In Brief Builder's Workshop, I cover topics like:

  • Common TOA mistakes and how to fix them
  • What all that gobblydegook in the TOA hidden text really means, and how understanding it can save you from having to re-edit your TOA again and again
  • Fixing wrong TOA entries without re-marking all your citations
  • How to fix Table of Authorities and Table of Contents formatting so it actually sticks
  • Two methods for marking text for your Table of Contents (and why one is better than the other)
  • How to format your brief with distinct page numbering (i vs. 1 vs. C-1) in each section

I say I'm "still developing" it because, even though it's already got 12 lessons in it, there's still more work to be done.

Lessons in the course already include:

TOA: Marking your first citation

TOA: Marking second and subsequent citations

TOA: Defining and inserting your TOA

TOA: Deciphering TOA markup

TOA: Modifying TOA Styles

TOA: Before you print/publish

TOA: Common problems & solutions

TOC: Defining a Table of Contents based on Styles

TOC: Manually marking TOC entries

TOC: Inserting the TOC into your document

TOC: Modifying your Table of Contents

Sections & Page Numbering: Using Sections to control page numbering, headers & footers

Because the course is still "in development," I can offer it to you for a limited time for a fraction of what it will cost when it's finished and publicly launched. You'll get new installments in the course as they're released, and when it comes time to launch the course to the public, you'll already have the entire, finished course. Without paying a cent more.​

What that means is you can get into the course earlier than everyone else, and for a lot less than the public offer price.

This course covers the features that often aren't covered in Microsoft Word manuals you buy in a bookstore or on other websites about Word. It's also focused specifically on how these features are used in a legal context.

I can't hold this offer open for very long, because the launch is coming up. So click the "Add to Cart" button below and take advantage of this early bird special!​​

This offer expires in: