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If you work in a law office, you probably use Microsoft Word. And it probably frustrates you.

confused_userYou spend a large percentage of your day sitting in front of a computer monitor, and if you’re not sending emails, you’re probably using Microsoft Word. After all, so much of legal practice involves creating and editing documents.

But just because you use something every day doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of it. And with the way law practice is changing these days, you can’t afford to miss any opportunities to extract the maximum performance and productivity out of the tools you use every day.

Think about the last document you edited. How much time did you spend looking for certain features or struggling with the bad formatting that someone else put there?

Considering how much of your day is spent in front of Microsoft Word, and how important efficiency is becoming in law offices everywhere, doesn’t it make sense to learn how to use this tool well so that you can deal successfully with your ever-increasing workload?

Why most Word training is a waste of time

Oh, you’ve tried to learn Microsoft Word on your own. You took that all-day training class your firm offered, only to be so overwhelmed you forgot most of it by the time you got back to your desk.

Or, you bought a book. But you’re too busy actually working to read a manual. Or maybe you’ve searched for help online, only to find confusing and conflicting instructions.

You’re not the problem – the training is

You see, traditional ways of learning how to use software set you up to fail. Classroom instruction dumps too much information on you all at once. Most software manuals are reference books for experienced users, not instructions for beginners.

And searching for help online? Forget it. Even a simple search brings back screen after screen of confusing (and often outright wrong) instructions.

“This was awesome! I needed this help so badly. You just solved a problem I’ve been having for a decade! Thank you infinitely.” (Robyn – Commenter at Why Your Pages Break in Weird Places)

Where can you get the help you really need?

You know you need to update your skills to do your job better. After all, it’s frustrating (and time-consuming) to struggle with even basic tasks in Microsoft Word. If only someone could take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how to make Microsoft Word do your bidding (and maybe even translate your WordPerfect tasks to Microsoft Word).

I’ve been where you are

The Legal Office Guru herself!

Hi, my name is Deborah Savadra (a.k.a. the Legal Office Guru). I’ve worked in and around law firms for over 20 years as a legal secretary, paralegal, and software trainer.

Like a lot of you, I started off with WordPerfect. Back when I began working in a law firm, WordPerfect was still in the DOS version. (Yes, I am that old!)

Geek that I am, I learned all sorts of ways to get the most out of WordPerfect. I had my “WordPerfect Function Key Claw” perfected, I programmed macros right and left, and when I wasn’t doing my own work, I was walking around helping the other staff with their WordPerfect challenges. I made WordPerfect sing!

But then came the day I left the legal field. In the “outside world,” they only used Microsoft Word. I was forced to adapt. I took classes, pored over software manuals, and generally figured it all out (often the hard way).

Fast forward a few years. After moving into software consulting and training, I found myself drawn back to working with law firms. And because I had so much Microsoft Word experience under my belt, I became the “go-to girl” for anyone still having trouble making the transition from WordPerfect (and trust me, a lot of folks are still struggling).

So I’ve seen (and heard) it all: the hair pulling, the fist pounding, and every other variation of “Word Rage.” I’ve been asked every question, seen every formatting foul-up, and performed major surgery on some seriously messed up Microsoft Word documents. (I’ve also stopped several people from throwing their computers out the window!)

I’ve made the leap to Word — and I can help you make it, too!

Of course, being the “Word expert-in-residence” in a law firm, I get a lot of the same questions over and over again. So, to keep from repeating myself, and to save a little time, I started a blog of Microsoft Office tutorials. That way, I could often refer people to a specific blog post (often with video) when they had a question. It made my expertise available when I wasn’t.

But blogs are, well, … disorganized by their very nature. What you need is a systematic, step-by-step way to learn Microsoft Word.

“Thank you from all of us WordPerfect lovers! Tabs was the one thing in Word that did make us want to “tear our hair out.” We do a lot of documents in outline form so the tabs change frequently and it would be so frustrating!” – Marilyn B., Commenter at ‘How to set tabs (without tearing your hair out

The solution? The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word!

I’ve taken the literally hundreds of quick tips I’ve written over the past three years (including detailed instructional videos) and organized them into an e-course: The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word.

This 44-lesson e-course starts by teaching you the most basic tasks in Microsoft Word. After each lesson you complete, you’ll click the Next button to go to a new lesson teaching you yet another critical Word skill. And the entire course is designed especially for the legal professional, right down to the examples used in the illustrations. The lessons cover Word version 2010 through 2016 (and even the online version of Office 365), so even if it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, this course has you covered!

Why this beats traditional Word training, hands down

This sort of bit-by-bit instruction mimics the way you naturally learn a new skill. After all, you didn’t start speaking in full sentences as a baby, did you? You started by imitating the sounds you heard your parents make. Then you gradually started forming whole words. Eventually, you strung those words into sentences.

That’s the way most people learn things – step-by-step. And that’s how The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word works, too. It presents you with one simple building block, then another, then another. With each lesson, you’re building your Microsoft Word skills gradually, naturally, and painlessly.

“Great! Another little skill to help organize my docs better. Thanks for the tip :)” – Rich, Commenter at ‘When a tab is not just a tab, part 1: Decimal Tabs’

Just a few minutes a day is all it takes

Each lesson in The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word covers just one set of skills. That’s it. No information overload here! There’s no way you’ll get overwhelmed, because between each incremental lesson, you can take a week to hone those skills — whenever it’s convenient for you — before your next lesson.

This time, you’ll learn Microsoft Word painlessly, because you’ll learn it the way you learn other skills — naturally.

In less time than you spend fetching your daily coffee or opening your mail, The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word will help you:

  • Spend less time struggling with your documents
  • Reduce your frustration with Microsoft Word
  • Save money you’d otherwise spend on expensive (but ineffective) training courses and books

“This is one of those things I’ve struggled with for MANY years and never knew there was a solution. Thank you!! Thank you!!” – Libby, Commenter at ‘Copying Vertical Columns of Text in Word’

Let me ask you …

If you could breeze through Microsoft Word every day, how much easier would your job (and your life) be?

How much less time would you spend on documents if you weren’t constantly asking yourself, “How do I do that in Word?”

How much extra time would you have to finish all the other things piling up on your desk?

How stress-free would your workday be if Word was just as easy as WordPerfect?

Would those results be worth $67 (US) to you? Because that’s what this detailed 44-lesson course (complete with video) costs.

Compare $67 to the cost of other training

You could, for example, take a college course on Microsoft Word. Or engage a trainer to come onsite and teach you. But I think you’ll find such training will cost $200 or more.

I challenge you to find any course or trainer that will:

  • Train you at your desk, in the context in which you’ll be using the skills you’re learning
  • Be available to answer questions via email
  • Switch to video presentation when the feature being demonstrated needs to be seen rather than described

How many courses or trainers have you seen that will do all that?

Try it risk-free!

I don’t want you to pay $67 (US) for this course if you’re not absolutely convinced it will help you.

That’s why I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. During that time, you could review all 44 lessons from the course (one each workday) and cover all these topics:


That’s the entire course content with absolutely no risk! (I’m really putting myself out here! But it’s only because I’m convinced this can help you make the switch from WordPerfect to Word.)

You can’t lose!

If at any point during the first 60 days you decide The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word isn’t for you, you can email me and ask for your money back. You’ll see a contact form in the sidebar of every lesson. All you have to do is contact me, and your refund will be processed. No questions asked. (You will get an email from the system confirming your refund and un-enrollment.)

And you get every penny of your money back promptly.

But if you find, as others have, that The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word helps you learn Microsoft Word easily, naturally and painlessly, you can continue with the rest of the course.

Listen to what other students have to say about the course:

“Very good! Nicely organized and presented. I like your teaching style in your videos as well, and hearing the “clicks” kept me focusing on the screen and seeing where you were headed next. Good job!!!” – Jo

“Your first lesson about the ribbon came in very handy when I had a formatting problem and spacing problem. By hitting the little arrow in the lower right corner on Indent and Spacing Section of the Page Layout tab, I discovered that the problem text was centered or justified (I don’t remember which) which caused a line with a few words to be spread out with wide gaps between each word. THANKS!” – Tom

End your Word frustration now for only $67 (US)

Don’t spend another moment staring at the computer screen in frustration. Click the Add to Cart button below today!

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