Track Changes Plus

Do you co-edit documents with others?

More and more, we’re creating and editing legal documents with other people. Setting aside the obvious people problems (differing opinions, etc.), there’s the problem of dealing with the technology:

  • How do the various editors indicate their changes and comments?
  • How do we keep track of the document’s history?
  • How do we make sure that the final document doesn’t contain any metadata that could be transmitted to an adverse party?

Track Changes Plus is a course on using Microsoft Word in document collaboration. It’s centered around the Review tab, which contains the Track Changes feature plus other collaborative editing tools you might not be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, I want to learn how to use Track Changes like a pro!

In an increasingly connected world, you’re going to be co-editing more and more documents. Click the button below to start learning how to do it effectively!

Track Changes Plus

Learn how to leverage Word’s Review tab with these lessons:

Automatically marking document edits with Track Changes

Automatically marking document edits with Track Changes

Showing, hiding and printing tracked changes

Reviewing, accepting and rejecting others’ edits

Configuring Track Changes Options

Restricting others’ edits in collaboratively-edited documents (both text and Styles)

Comparing two documents to produce a redline/legal blackline

Scrubbing metadata to ensure your edits and/or comments don’t get broadcast to adverse parties