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The "New Legal Normal" Demands Better Microsoft Word Skills. Are You Ready?

How do recent legal industry changes affect your daily work? Watch the video below to find out.

Why The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word is the best MS Word training for lawyers & their staff ...


If you've ever taken "generic" Word training or bought even the simplest Word book, you know their examples look nothing like your daily work, and they don't even cover legal-specific features like Table of Authorities. The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word uses examples straight out of everyday legal practice and covers the features you want to learn.


Want to know why "lunch-and-learn" sessions are so prevalent at law offices? It's because people who work in law offices don't have time to attend training! The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word is available online 24/7 from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. It's ready when you are and out of your way when you're not!


You can jump around The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word's short, easy-to-digest lessons and learn whatever feature you need or solve whatever problem you have in the moment, or you can go through the course in sequential order for a more comprehensive learning experience. It's your choice! No more hours-long information dumps in the training room that leave your head spinning. It's learning that's compatible with your workstyle.


I'm a former paralegal, legal secretary and software trainer with over 20 years experience working in and with law firms of all sizes. And like many of you, I had to transition from WordPerfect to Word (aaaargh!). Hard as that was, I found that anything I could do in WordPerfect I could replicate in Word, and I've developed faster and easier ways of performing common daily tasks that can help you get work product out the door with less stress. Click here to learn more about me.

Here's What You'll Get in the Course

7 Modules with 45 bite-sized lessons that will help you get your work done faster & easier
The Interface

Lessons: 4

The Ribbon isn't the most intuitive thing, is it? I'll give you the guided tour of Tabs, Command Groups, and other feature so you can find whatever commands you need.

Creating, Saving, Opening & Editing Documents

Lessons: 7

Here's where the rubber really meets the road! From basic shortcut keys to using templates to inserting special symbols and characters, these are the basic Word skills you need to know.

Tables & Columns

Lessons: 4

Tables & columns are great for keeping a tight reign on text placement. I show you how to repeat header rows, sort rows, navigate between cells/rows/columns, format borders, change internal margins, and convert plain text to a table in a couple of clicks!  

Legal-Specific Features

Lessons: 12

These are the features that get short shrift in other tutorials: Table of Authorities and Table of Contents. Plus, for those of you who handle long documents with complex page formatting (like briefs or contract), I include a lesson on how to use Sections to control page formatting, including page numbering schemes (i.e., page i versus page 1) and distinct headers & footers between sections.

Navigation & Views

Lessons: 2

There's more to getting around in your document than simply scrolling up and down - there are ways to "jump to" specific pages, etc. Plus, learn how to zoom and change views.

Basic Formatting

Lessons: 10 

This is where you'll learn about not only essential character, paragraph and page formatting, but also about headers, footers & watermarks. Plus, I include an introduction to automatic paragraph numbering.

Printing & Publishing

Lessons: 6

Before you hit that Print button, STOP! First, you've got to do spelling & grammar check, let Document Inspector scrub your metadata, and use Print Preview to double-check your document. Plus, I show you how to PDF your document and how to format and print envelopes & labels.


Sign up during this special promotion, and I'll throw in several bonus items designed to help you get the most out of this course. There are bonuses for you WordPerfect lovers, for anyone who has to deal with pleading paper format, and much more.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Deborah Savadra (a.k.a. "Legal Office Guru"). I've spent over 20 years working in and with law offices of all sizes, both as a legal assistant/paralegal and as a software trainer. I've been in the trenches putting out legal work product alongside people just like you, and I've also gone from desk to desk helping those with sticky Microsoft Word issues. Now I want to help you.

“If you learn to work with Word the way it's designed to work, you'll end up working a lot less (and getting a lot more done in less time).”

What You’ll Get

The course is a strategic mixture of short instructional videos and fully-illustrated screenshot tutorials in 45 bite-sized lessons that show you exactly how to perform each step to get the desired result in Word.


Lessons are organized into modules so you can find just the lesson you need when you need it. You don't have to take lessons "in order", and you can track your progress by checking off lessons as you go.


Have a question while you're reviewing a lesson? There's a handy feedback form in the right-hand sidebar of every lesson that gives you a direct line to my email inbox. You'll get priority attention because your email will have a special subject line that lets me know that you're a student in the course.

What people are saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


I was so grateful to discover Deborah’s Legal Office Guru. I am still always learning some new little trick or tip for getting through the maze of minutia inherent in the use and management of the software involved in running a law firm practice or business.

​I do not have any extra time to struggle with my computer software trying to get it to do what I need it to do, whether that be correctly comparing and redlining documents, inserting tables, footers/headers, footnotes/endnotes, quickly finding and replacing words, sorting text, or getting the numbers in a column to add correctly.

Legal Office Guru has been and continues to be an invaluable asset to my practice and I highly recommend it to all attorneys, in all areas of law, in solo practice or big law firms.​

Geri J. Sjoquist (Sjoquist Law LLC, Twin Cities, MN, USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


Despite what I consider to be a high computer aptitude, I have never been able to figure out the Word puzzle. Two years ago I was desperately trying to find a resource that would finally help me. I stumbled upon Legal Office Guru and I am finally using Word as the programmers at Microsoft meant it to be used. Using Deborah’s very detailed and annotated mini lessons on how to use Word’s many features, my understanding of Word has increased a thousand-fold. I am beginning to feel more comfortable with such obtuse tasks as auto numbering. I now know where to look for features that before were basically either hidden from me or were not easily understood, such as the simple buttons for increasing or decreasing number levels.

If you are like me and still struggle with even so-called basic aspects of Word, you need to immediately become familiar with Legal Office Guru and its excellent guides. You should also know that Deborah is very engaged with her community and spends endless hours responding to email questions and requests and incorporates in suggestions received from her user group into her tutorials. That, in and of itself, makes Deborah and Legal Office Guru a treasured resource for me.

Robert G. Walsh (Attorney, Buffalo, NY, USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Deborah, The Legal Office Guru. She is the go-to-girl for all things Word. I have learned a ton from working with her and subscribing to her blog. I can’t begin to tell you all of the things I have learned that make my job easier.

Tammy L. Hanks (Senior Paralegal)

Is This Course Right for You?

No course is for everybody! Here's who I've found have the most to gain from The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word, versus those who would not.


  • You're a solo or small firm attorney who works primarily without an assistant
  • You're an associate who's expected to do most (if not all) of your own word processing
  • You're a long-time WordPerfect user looking to make the transition to Word
  • You're a legal support staff member seeking ways to make daily tasks in Word easier and faster
  • You're a law student who wants to skill up in Word for class assignments and future employment
  • You're not particularly tech-savvy and need instruction that starts with the basics


  • You hand off all word processing tasks to an assistant
  • You resent taking time away from billable hours to gain new skills
  • You're already a Word ninja
  • Your law practice's current workflow doesn't need to become more efficient to respond to current market pressures
  • You never think to yourself, "Is there a better/faster/easier way to do this?"
  • You have no compelling reason to switch from WordPerfect to Word
Get the Word skills you need in 60 days

Take 10-15 minutes to go through one lesson each work day, and I guarantee you'll be working faster and smarter with Microsoft Word, with less frustration and fewer time-wasting "what button do I press now?" moments, from now on. If you don't agree, I'll refund your money, no questions asked, so long as you request your refund within 60 days of purchase.

Bonus Section

Sign up for The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word course during this limited promotion, and I'll throw in these bonuses:

Continued access to workshop videos

You'll continue to have access to the three-video workshop series you viewed earlier in case you want a quick review of techniques I showed you there.


Fast Formatting Fixes Report

My 22-page illustrated tutorial (which includes links to demonstration videos you can view online anytime) shows you how to fix even the most frustrating formatting problems in your Word document so you can get back to work faster.


WordPerfect-to-Word Translation Key

This one's for all you WordPerfect lovers out there! If you find yourself reaching for Shift-F7 to center text and want to know what the Word shortcut key is, I give you not only a function-by-function translation of WordPerfect-to-Word shortcut keys, but I also show you how to generate your own shortcut key listing that's accurate based on your personal settings (which can change from standard settings depending on how IT installed Word or WordPerfect and whether you have any plugins installed).


Word Skills Checklist

Want to zero in on a particular skill you need to learn? My Word Skills Checklist lists the 64 skills (in 13 categories) and points you to precisely the lesson in The Efficient Lawyer's Guide to Word that'll teach you that skill! Use this checklist to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and even prepare for your next interview or performance evaluation.


Converting WordPerfect Footnotes

If you've done briefs or other documents containing footnoted material in WordPerfect, and you've tried to bring those documents over to Word for editing, you've found out that subsequent footnotes in Word don't number or format correctly. In this downloadable illustrated tutorial, I show you how to get your WordPerfect footnotes to play nicely with Word.

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