Fix Formatting Quick!

When you’re under the gun, trying to get a document out the door, the last thing you need is a formatting snafu. Yet one of the top complaints from Microsoft Word users is how often their formatting seems to get irreparably messed up.

I’ve collected some tips and tricks from my articles into a course that will give you all the tools you need to fix your formatting − fast!

The Quick Fixes for Your Word Formatting course is a series of five emails, delivered each day, that will teach you:

  • The three magic shortcut keys you’ll want to write on a Post-It™ note and tack onto your computer monitor to fix problem text
  • How to pimp out your Status Bar so you can diagnose problems with your text
  • How to get “Reveal Codes” in Microsoft Word (for all you WordPerfect users out there!)
  • How to paste text from old documents safely
  • The one button on the Ribbon that can make formatting problems go away instantly

Here’s what one reader has to say about my tips:

[testimonial align=”featured” name=”Wanda W.,” picture=”” role=”Subscriber”]I get so excited when I see your emails come in with these tips!  They have helped me in my work a lot!! There are so many “hidden” tricks and ways of doing things – guess that’s what keeps working on the computer “exciting.”  LOL  I must be a Word geek!  [/testimonial]

Five dollars. Five days. Zero headaches. What are you waiting for?

Enrollment in this course has been suspended pending some upcoming software upgrades. Stay tuned for the re-launch!