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Guest post @ Lawyerist – Preventing Metadata

Guest post @ Lawyerist – Preventing Metadata post image

Unless otherwise noted, all instructions and screenshots are from Microsoft Office for Windows.

If you’re interested in doing everything possible to ensure you’re not leaking metadata via Word documents you’re sending out (via email otherwise), be sure to check out my guest post at Lawyerist entitled “Metadata Defense in Microsoft Word.” In it, I show you several software settings you need to be sure you’ve covered so you’re not inadvertently creating confidentiality-busting metadata.

There’s also a related discussion in the Lawyerist LAB forum about whether solos and small firms really need a batch metadata cleaner in addition to the measures I outline in this post.

I’m going to be writing for Lawyerist regularly on Microsoft Office topics, so be on the lookout for more guest posts!

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by Deborah Savadra

I spend an inordinate amount of my time playing with computers and attempting to explain technology to lawyers and law office staff. It's not always easy, but someone's got to do it.

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