Quick Parts, AutoText and Templates

Don’t spend your time in Microsoft Word re-inventing the wheel! While everybody else is scrounging around looking for old documents to copy that perfect bit of boilerplate text out of, you can whiz right past them with these Word features designed to make you a document-creating ninja.

During this course, I’ll teach you how you can leverage these Word features to help you create documents faster and with fewer errors. Who knows, you may be able to go home on time a lot more often!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to save your favorite bits of reusable text so that you’ll have one-click access to them from now on
  • Which feature is best for different types of reusable text (hint: one feature can make anyone into a speed typist!)
  • Saving custom headers, footers, watermarks, etc. to re-use in any document
  • Need an automatically-updating date in your documents? How you can set up even an ordinal date format (“15th day of November, 2013”) in Quick Parts
  • Automatically numbering your discovery requests … in 5 keystrokes!
  • Creating numbered headings that update themselves as you edit
  • The two Word settings you need to check (and correct) to ensure your Quick Parts work correctly
  • Multiple ways you can set up text expansion without buying extra software!

I’ve stopped accepting new students to this course so I can make this course better and re-release it in September, 2015. See https://youtu.be/PIdWPw8sx24 for a sneak peek of one of the units in the new course. If you want to be notified when the course is ready for enrollment, be sure to sign up for my newsletter in the form at the bottom of the page.