Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

Got an email from a reader (via my Ask the Guru page) last week that went something like this:

Can you steer me to information on how to sync Outlook calendar and contacts (v. 2010)  with my online Google calendar and contacts?  I’ve installed the Google gadget, and it worked for a week or two, but then stopped. I’m using Windows 7 on a 64-bit desktop.

Well, Reader, if my research is any indication, you’re not the only one having a problem.  But here’s what else my research turned up:

Although there seem to be a lot of complaints about incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows or Outlook, Google’s published system requirements say the current version is compatible with both:

System requirements for Google Calendar Outlook Sync Application

It’s always tough to diagnose these kinds of problems long distance.  Here’s what I would suggest for starters:

  • Be absolutely sure you’re downloaded and installed the absolute latest version of the Google application.
  • Ditto on your Outlook installation — be sure you’ve applied any patches, bug fixes, etc. that are available via Windows update.
  • If updating both software applications doesn’t do it, try uninstalling the Google app and reinstalling it (yes, I know, it’s a pain!).
  • Additional synchronization troubleshooting suggestions are available from Google here (such as checking your mailbox size).

One other user on a Google forum, though, pointed toward an application called Sync2 as a solution.  Although it’s not a free application, there is a free trial available, so it may be worth testing.  (I have not had an opportunity to test this one or the Google app for myself, so caveat emptor.)

If you get an opportunity to test Google Apps’ Sync or the Sync2 product, or if you have any other insights you’d like to share, please hit the Comments section below.

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