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The Quick Fixes for Your Word Formatting course is a series of five emails, delivered each day, that will teach you:

  • The three magic shortcut keys you’ll want to write on a Post-It™ note and tack onto your computer monitor to fix problem text
  • How to pimp out your Status Bar so you can diagnose problems with your text
  • How to get “Reveal Codes” in Microsoft Word (for all you WordPerfect users out there!)
  • How to paste text from old documents safely
  • The one button on the Ribbon that can make formatting problems go away instantly

Here’s what one reader has to say about my tips:

[testimonial align=”featured” name=”Wanda W.,” picture=”” role=”Subscriber”]I get so excited when I see your emails come in with these tips!  They have helped me in my work a lot!! There are so many “hidden” tricks and ways of doing things – guess that’s what keeps working on the computer “exciting.”  LOL  I must be a Word geek!  [/testimonial]

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