You want to learn more about Fields? Great!

Fields are a great way to automate parts of your document by embedding information about the document (e.g., page and section numbering, the last date the document was edited, etc.) within the document. They’re the driving force behind such features as Tables of Contents, Tables of Authorities, and too many other to name! Most Word users’ first exposure to fields is to simple ones like automatically-updating dates and paragraph numbers, but a knowledge of available fields can go a long way toward making your documents much easier to edit and standardize.

Here are some examples:

How to autonumber your discovery requests … in just 5 keystrokes

Easy-to-read file folder labels for trial exhibits

How to recycle your legal briefs safely

How to embed the current paragraph number into your document

Didn’t know fields could be that flexible, did you? So now that you’ve had a taste of what fields can do, what sorts of things would you want to automate with fields?

What are your top 2 questions about Fields in Microsoft Word? Let me know so I can be sure to cover it in an upcoming webinar for the Assemble Documents Faster course!