Weekly Roundup: Double-click shortcuts, the case of the missing ampersand, and more Office for iPad news

This week: Stop wandering around Microsoft Word’s Ribbon looking for commands and do some strategic double-clicking instead, why putting an ampersand in your Excel header or footer yields a weird result (and what to do if you really, really want that “&” to show up in your header or footer), and more news about an exciting iPad application that lets you edit Office documents. That’s right … it’s the Weekly Roundup!

Double-click shortcuts provide quick access to Word formatting options — If you’re looking to speed up your daily tasks with Microsoft Word, Susan Harkins at TechRepublic makes a great suggestion. There are a world of commands accessible via a strategically-placed double-click: opening various dialog boxes like Page Setup and Paragraph, hiding and unhiding the Ribbon, even quickly accessing a header or footer for editing. Click here for all of Susan’s suggestions.

Missing ampersands in Excel headers and footers — If you’ve ever tried to put an ampersand (&) in an Excel header or footer before, you probably noticed that they just … disappear. (Weird.) But, hey — Carol Bratt over at Carol’s Corner Office blog discovered (a) why and (b) how to fix it (in case you’re embedding, say, a company name like “Jones & Smith” in a header). Click here for the 411. (And I hear Carol’s got a book on Office 2010 coming out soon …)

News on an Office app for iPad — Google News has been lighting up lately with news on a new application that enables iPad users to view and edit Microsoft Office documents. I don’t have an iPad myself (don’t even get me started), so I’m not personally too excited about this, but I do recognize this is big news, especially in light of rumors that Microsoft is getting ready to release a full iPad version of the Office suite. Click here and here to learn more about OnLive Desktop, available this Thursday in the iTunes App Store.

Oh, and I’m not usually one to get all political in this space, but if you’re at all a fan of the Internet and want to see it stick around in pretty much its current form, then I urge you to get up to speed on what’s going on in the U.S. Congress on SOPA and PIPA, two pending pieces of anti-piracy legislation that are the twin poster children for the concept “unintended effects.” Even if you’re not usually one to get all political, you’ll want to know why your favorite sites (big ones, like Reddit and ICanHasCheezburger and maybe even Wikipedia and Google and YouTube) will be blacked out in protest this Wednesday. (Yes, I’m serious.)


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