Weekly Roundup: Double-double emails from Gmail

From this week’s RSS feeds: how to avoid getting double emails from Gmail in Outlook and some tips on minimizing spam.

You’re seeing everything double in e-mail. You’re seeing everything double in e-mail. If you’ve got your Outlook set up to receive IMAP email from Gmail, this tidbit from a column in the Northwest Florida Daily News (right in my neighborhood) is for you, especially if you don’t want to get two copies of every single email you send. After all, it’s tough enough to keep the Outlook mailbox size down as it is. (There’s also a tip about limitations on sending attachments.) Click the article title above to read all about it.

Hate spam? Three ways to avoid it. If you’re determined to stop getting so many offers of cheap stocks and little blue pills (you know the ones I mean), then check out Microsoft’s three easy tips for making yourself a less-likely target. These are pretty basic, but I’m always amazed at how many people, for example, don’t separate their personal email from their business one. That’s just asking for trouble! Click the link above to read Microsoft’s anti-spam tips.

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