Weekly Roundup: Finding ‘Find’, 5 formatting shortcuts, and tricked-out TOCs

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Finding where Microsoft Word 2010 buried Find — You know, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t stumble across this first, but thankfully friend-of-this-blog Vivian Manning’s enlightened us all. You see, Microsoft couldn’t leave well enough alone and put the Find function (you know, this familiar dialog box below) …

… where it’s always been. They had to hijack my (and possibly your) beloved CTRL-F shortcut key to take us all to some Navigation Pane we’ve never seen before.

Vivian’s found our trusty Find box once again (it’s buried in the menu system, as she details in her post), but as you’ll see when you click through to the comments at the bottom of her post, that wasn’t good enough for me. I switched it back on my own Word 2010, and I left you illustrated instructions on how to do it yourself.

Five tips for lightning-fast formatting in Word — If you’re as big a shortcut key fan as I am, then you’ll love Susan Harkins’ assembly of the best formatting shortcut keys to memorize. Copy these down, post them near your desk, and use them often!

How to create one Table of Contents from multiple documents — I have to confess, I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m dying to. I didn’t know this was possible, and I’ll bet you didn’t either. Susan Harkins from TechRepublic (again!) gives us the skinny on using the RD function to drive this. She does admit that the master page numbering does take some fiddling, so try it on a dummy document before attempting it on a client project.

And for my U.S. readers, Happy Labor Day!

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Emma Tayler

I thought it was a rotten trick with Ctrl+F doing something quite unexpected in Word. After all, if you do this in Firefox or almost anywhere else, it is “Find” – so what is the problem here? Why change something so iconic?

You can tell Microsoft is now a corporation. I know there is a lot of functionality in the new Word 2010 – but the art is to make it accessible and easy to use. For those of us who saw the dawn of word processors (my father had one in the 80s for editing his magazine articles) and used the things, the essentials are still the same: to produce a sensible document.

Copy, paste, undo and find are four of the most commonly used features anywhere. When using a menu meant pressing mutiple arrow buttons to arrive at your desired menu feature (no mice in those days, other than the cheese eating critters!) shortcut features were a godsend.

They still are. Why mess them around?

Another thought: I use Open Office a lot, and Ctrl+Shift+S = save as. Why does Microsoft consistently miss out on this very useful shortcut?

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