Weekly Roundup: Outlook Quick Steps and Best Practices, disappearing Word headers

In this week’s Roundup: doing the Quick Step in Microsoft Outlook, what to do when your Microsoft Word headers suddenly disappear, and Microsoft’s Outlook blog finishes up its “Best Practices” series.

Speed up your work – Outlook 2010 Quick Steps – You know, if I didn’t like Vivian Manning and her blog, Small City Law Firm Tech, so much, I’d be a little peeved right now. That’s because she’s beat me to the Outlook 2010 Quick Steps feature, which I’ve been wanting to write about for some time. So, not only has she saved me the trouble, she’s done a pretty comprehensive job of explaining why you want to learn about Quick Steps and how you can set them up and use them to make quick work of repetitive tasks in Outlook. Click here to read great tutorial on this time-saving feature. (Bonus item: If you’ve ever needed to give your assistant or another attorney access to your Outlook inbox while you’re out of the office for an extended period, click here for Vivian’s instructions on delegating permissions in Outlook.)

Word’s disappearing header demystified – if you’ve ever made a wrong move with your mouse and suddenly found that your headers and footers were nowhere to be found, Susan Harkins at TechRepublic shows us that there’s no need to panic. Not only does she explain how this happens, she also shows how to fix it. Click here for the illustrated tutorial.

Outlook Best Practices – Maintaining the System – Microsoft’s Outlook blog has done a stellar job of illustrating, in its series of video “Best Practices” posts, some great ways to keep your Outlook inbox, calendar, and task list working for you rather than against you. Click here for the last post in the series, which also contains links to the prior posts.

And on a personal note, this post, as well as all of my posts for this week, have been produced almost 100% “hands-free.” I’m still recovering from a “repetitive stress” disorder in my left hand, but thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking software, I’ve been able to dictate my posts this week with very little correction needed. I got the box via FedEx from Amazon Saturday morning (the 15th), spent a few minutes setting up my voice profile, and started dictating immediately, with surprisingly few errors. As a friend of mine noted in response to an Outlook e-mail I sent her using nothing but dictation (including the “open new email,” “to” and “click Send” commands), “The science fiction stuff is really here!”

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