Weekly Roundup: A neat Excel trick, customize Show/Hide, discounted Outlook tools

For this week’s Roundup: how to put zeroes in otherwise blank cells in Excel (and not the long way, either), how to pick and choose which formatting marks Word shows you with Show/Hide, and a heads-up on some hefty discounts on several Outlook plug-ins.

Placing Zeroes in Non-Contiguous Cells in Microsoft Excel — If you’ve ever had an Excel sheet that you needed to put a zero (or a dash or any other character) in all of the otherwise non-filled cells, you’ll appreciate this tip. It’s an interesting take on the Paste | Special command. Click on the title link above and find out how this shortcut saves you from having to go to every cell individually and re-type the same info.

Show Selective Formatting Marks in Word — Surely you remember me telling you about the Show/Hide button, right? You know, that button on the Home tab of Word 2007/2010 that looks like a paragraph mark and acts as a sort of substitute for Reveal Codes? Well, the TechSolv blog shows us how to select which formatting marks Show/Hide is showing us. Click the title link above to find how to customize this feature to your liking.

Discounted Outlook plug-ins this week — As great a tool as Microsoft Outlook is, I do hear complaints occasionally that certain functions are difficult or even missing outright. Fortunately, there are a world of plug-ins/extensions available to make things easier. I received a heads-up from the developer of several such plug-ins last week about special “one day only” 51% discounts for his software products on the site BitsDuJour.com, and I’m passing this information along to you (I don’t make a dime off any of this, nor do I have any experience with any of these — just sharing):

Monday: NoMoreDupes — Eliminates duplicate emails from your Outlook inbox.

Tuesday: BackupOutlook — Keep your Outlook data safely backed up.

Wednesday: TaskToCal — Display your Tasks directly on your Calendar for an at-a-glance view of your workload.

Thursday: OutlookPrinter — Allows you to customize your Outlook printouts (including taking your mailbox name off the header of printed emails).

Friday/Saturday: SynchPST — Lets you synchronize your Outlook data between two different computers.

(And, yes, I’ve been AWOL during the past week. To make a long story short, I’m having some problems with my left hand, so typing is a little difficult. Bear with me — I’ll be back full-time soon!)

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