Weekly Roundup: Printing sections, moving text blocks, turning off annoying Paste options

For this week’s Roundup: How to print a Word document by section numbers, an easier way to move text around in Microsoft Word, a few Outlook add-ins to consider, and how to turn off that incredibly annoying Paste box that pops up every time you cut and paste text:

How to print a section of a Word document — If you’ve ever wanted to print a subset of pages in a document in Microsoft Word, it’s not really obvious how to do it. Most users know how to print by page number (2-4 or 2,4,6-7), but if you’ve got section breaks in your document, that’s a little trickier.  Fortunately, Susan Harkins at TechRepublic’s worked it out for us. Click the article title above to read her instructions.

Rush job? Change your document around with just a click — If you’ve set up your document with Styles, you’ve got a neat editing option available to you: moving entire sections around without cutting and pasting. Joanie Strangeland with Microsoft demonstrates via an 8-minute video how you can use the Navigation Pane in conjunction with Styles to make reorganizing your document easier. She also shows you how to include text from other documents in your document, particularly helpful for long documents that have multiple editors. Click the article title above to view.

Five add-ins that make Outlook easier to use – Outlook’s got a lot of great features, but Microsoft didn’t necessarily think of everything. If you need better search functionality, something to help organize your email “conversations,” etc., you might want to take a look at these five add-in software packages to make Outlook even more useful. Click the link above to read more at TechRepublic and for download links to try these out.

How to turn off “Paste Options” Button in Word 2010 — You’ve seen it. I know you have. It’s that little thing that pops up every single time you paste something into your Word document:

If that thing gets in your way (or asks you questions you’d rather not have to answer every single time), head on over to WebTalk for a quick tutorial on how to turn that thing off. It’s just a checkbox, so click the link above and get one more annoyance out of your life!

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