Weekly Roundup: Tips for redlining documents, tweaking Word Options, saving emails as pdfs, and fixing line spacing

For this week’s Roundup: several reasons you might not want to employ Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature the next time you redline a document, getting under the hood with Word Options (even if you’re not a techie), another way to save Outlook email as a pdf (in case you want to take it with you on your iPad or other mobile device), and one possible reason your line spacing changes won’t stick in Word (a problem several of you have reported to me). Let’s get it started:

Orange Rag talks about document comparison — Over at Legal Technology Insider’s Orange Rag, Kim Walton talks about some of the pitfalls of using third-party comparison software to produce editable Word documents with Track Changes embedded in them. Her article is based on a presentation made to the New York Legal Word Users Group and come to some pretty interesting conclusions, particularly for those users who have already upgraded to Word 2010. Conveniently, she also includes a copy of the PowerPoint presentation her article is based on. Click here for the details.

Troubles and Solutions Start Here – Word 2010 Options — Over at Vivian Manning’s always excellent Small City Law Firm Tech blog, she offers up a comprehensive list of recommended settings in the Word Options area. Since she’s just recently set up a whole slew of computers on Office 2010 at her own firm, she knows what she’s talking about. Even if you don’t think you’re the type to want to get “under the hood” of your applications, I urge you to read this two-part series. You never know which setting could end up saving you a whole bunch of time. Part One of the series covering general settings like where to embed your name and initials to make sure your comments and track changes are properly identified is here, and Part Two covering various display settings is here. And I understand there’s lots more to come! [Ed: Sadly, Vivian has discontinued her blog since this was originally published. Click here to download the pdf version.]

Getting Word 2007 Line Spacing to “Stick” — Again over at Vivian Manning’s blog, she stumbled across (thanks to an eagle-eyed reader) one possible reason that changes to the default line spacing in Microsoft Word 2007 won’t save. For those of you who’ve had some difficulty resetting the default line spacing from 1.15 to single spacing, this may be the answer you’re looking for. Click here for the details.

How to Save Email in Outlook 2010 as a .PDF File — For those of you using the full (and quite frankly prohibitively priced) version of Adobe Acrobat X, you may already be aware of the nice little feature that allows you to save Microsoft Outlook e-mails as PDF files. For those of you without the pricey software, however, you may not be aware that it’s pretty easy to do in the more economical PDF makers as well. Rob Dean over at WalkingOffice shows as one possibility: a free open-source program called PDFCreator. Click here for more details.

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