Weekly Roundup: More shortcut keys, faster Word page setup, Quick Print

From this week’s Roundup of the reading file: some more shortcut keys you need to know about (particularly if you’re an avid Outlook user), a faster way to reach the Page Setup dialog in Microsoft Word, and how to add a Quick Print button to enable one-click printing from Word.

Link Lightning: CTRL-K — Although this one comes from Microsoft.com’s Word blog, this trick can actually be used in virtually any Microsoft application. Any time you want to insert a hyperlink, simply select the text and hit CTRL-K. Click the link above for a full explanation of how to use this shortcut.

From the Annals of “I didn’t know that”: Easy Page Setup — In the midst of the whirlwind that is a law firm merger, Vivian Manning is learning all sorts of things while training her Microsoft Office users. And it’s always interesting as a trainer when the users teach you a thing or two. In this post, she shares a shortcut one of her users has found that leads directly to Microsoft Word’s Page Setup dialog. Click the link above for this handy tip.

Add a Quick Print button to Microsoft Word — While I talked about the subject of the Quick Access toolbar not too long ago, here’s a quick tip from a blog called The New Paperclip showing how to add a Quick Print button for one-click access to basic printing. Click the link above for the how-to.

10 insider’s shortcuts to Microsoft Outlook — With another entry from a Microsoft blog, here are some great shortcut keys to use in Microsoft Outlook. Included are keys for quickly switching between the Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts, creating new Meeting Requests, and navigating the Calendar. Click the above link, and find those keys you’ll make the most use of.

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