Weekly Roundup: Signature lines, Out of Office, shortcut keys

Going through my RSS feeds every day, it occurs to me that there is SO much good stuff out there on Microsoft Office that it’s a shame for me not to highlight it here. So, to make sure you’ve seen (and benefited from) these, I’ve linked to the best posts I’ve run across in the past week:

That’s No Table – That’s my Signing Line — Vivian Manning (whose staggering output as a blogger in the midst of a law firm merger is really starting to shame me into posting more often) shows us the right way to put a signature line on a document, particularly if you use e-filing (with the requisite e-signatures). One of the advantages to this method I’ve found is, if you’re pressed for space, you can put two or more signature blocks in the vertical space you’d usually use up for just one. Click the blog post title above to see her method in action.

Out of Office in Outlook 2010 — Where’s it gone? — If you’ve recently upgraded to Office 2010 and wondered where the Out of Office feature ran off to, never fear — Jason at No Option for Law Firm found it hiding under the shrubbery. Actually, he found it disguised as Automatic Replies, and he also tells us about handy some new Out of Office capabilities in Exchange 2010. Click the link above to sample the goodness.

Shortcut Key of the Week — Tech4Law has recently started a series called “Shortcut Key of the Week.” I hope they continue. I personally love shortcut keys because they keep my hands on the keyboard rather than flitting back and forth to the mouse. Click the link above for the third post in the series; the second post is here, and the first (including a link to their handy shortcut key guide) is here.

Well, that was a truly international edition of Weekly Roundup — from Canada to the U.K. to South Africa! If there’s a Microsoft Office blog you think I should be following regularly, tell me about it in the comments below.

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Thanks for the shout-out! The merger is really heating up (tech-planning-wise) and getting intense here – blogging may slow down a bit (I think it already has), but anything that gets you to post more is a good thing for the rest of us! ;). I really want to thank you for your links to No Option and Tech4Law – two blogs I knew nothing about and and are now great new additions to my RSS feeds.


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