Weekly Roundup: More Word, Excel and Outlook Tips

This week’s Roundup of the reading file is an embarrassment of riches from the usual suspects: TechRepublic’s take on the most important Microsoft Word skills, how to put time values into Microsoft Excel, Vivian Manning tackles Microsoft Word’s mail merge feature, making it easier to switch between Word documents, and how to share your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Click the “Read More” link for the details.

The 10 most important things to teach your Word users — Susan Harkins at TechRepublic gives us her list of the 10 things every Microsoft Word user should learn. It’s a great list, and it includes some things I’m pretty passionate about too, like using Styles and shortcut keys whenever possible. Click here to check your skill set against her criteria.

Convert and format values into decimal values that Excel can interpret as time – If you’ve ever struggled with putting time values like 4:00 p.m. or 13:30 into Microsoft Excel, TechRepublic does a great job of explaining how Microsoft Excel stores time values as numbers and how you can format these two appear in date/time format. Click here for the full tutorial.

Vivian Manning Explains It All (at least as far as Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge feature is concerned) — Although I wouldn’t wish a law firm merger on my worst enemy (much less a friend of this blog), I have to admit that I’m enjoying the fruit of one, namely, the great things Vivian Manning is learning and passing on to her readers. I’ve actually wanted to write about Mail Merge myself, but Vivian’s doing such a great job with her series (her Word Mail Merge Made Easy post is here; the second in the series, More on Mail Merge — Word and Outlook Play Well Together is here) that I can afford to procrastinate some more on this one. Click the links above to view her extensive and well illustrated tutorials on merging data from Microsoft Outlook into Word.

One Word Window or Multiple Word Windows – Your Choice — When Microsoft Office 2010 was rolled out at my office, one of the little tweaks that I requested was the ability to Alt-Tab between Word documents the same way I could switch between other active Windows programs. Not every Word user knows that it’s possible to set up Microsoft Word in two different ways: one treats document windows in much the same way WordPerfect does, and the other is the more classic Windows method. Once again, Vivian Manning explains it all. Click here, and choose your favorite.

Outlook Blog: Share your Outlook calendar – Annik Stahl at Microsoft’s Outlook blog shows us three methods for sharing your Outlook calendar: sending as an e-mail attachment, sending via Exchange Server, and using Windows Live Hotmail. Click here to read his instructions.

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