Workshop Video #2: Preventing Formatting Problems

Your mother (and mine) used to say it all time: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And it's true. If you could prevent most of your Word formatting problems, why wouldn't you? Here's a demonstration of how a lot of these problems start and ways you can configure and use Word to minimize how often you have to "bat cleanup".​

Didn’t catch the first video in this series? Click here to view it.

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Dolores Reply

This was a very helpful video–especially the part on changing paste formatting options. I have to do a lot of cutting and pasting in my job and I can use this information to my advantage. Thanks.

I have played around with creating/modifying styles. What a headache! Even if I got everything changed to fit what I needed, I could not make it “stick.” I have given up on using styles. I know they can be advantageous but I found, in Word, it is just too much headache to deal with them.

Cathy Knisley Reply


Although I define a Style, and try to use it throughout my document, WORD will erratically change it to something else (I have no idea how it does it).

How do I “force” WORD to keep the same formatting in the document?

I also resent seeing ALL the styles, when I only want the ones I’m using in that one document (not 10 jillion).

I accidentally changed the “normal.docx”, and now everything is worse and may have to re-install WORD completely.

Although I am not in the legal profession, I work with international regulatory documents that need a consistent company look. However, different countries want different presentations. These documents are sometimes 400+ pages long & hard to keep track (TOCs, sections, heading styles – up to four levels, tables, figures, bullets, etc).


These video are priceless!

Cynthia MOtt Reply

Loved the tips in this one as well. I struggle with styles like everyone else does. My biggest frustration is creating style sets so that I have them for future use.

Charlene Landry Reply

The whole video was extremely helpful to me. I am always waiting on your next tip.

Kathy Reply

I work with sections of documents which are created by several individuals. The styles seem available seem to change with each document. I hesitate to delete and try to clean up my list of styles fearing problems with opening an old document. Also would like to better organize the quick list of styles. Thanks! Love your updates.

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