Workshop Video #3: Working with Styles

Question: How much do you use Microsoft Word Styles?

Okay, that's a trick question. Everyone uses Styles, whether they intend to or not. ​ You see, every single piece of text you touch, whether it's a paragraph, a heading, or a footnote, has at least one Style assigned to it. That's just how Word works.

And if you learn to work with Word the way it's designed to work, you'll end up working a lot less. That means less frustration, more productivity.

Hands down, this is the highest leverage feature you can learn in Word. Check out the video above for the basics.​

Didn’t catch the first and second video in this series? Click here to view Part 1 and click here to view Part 2.

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Rosemarie Robinson Reply

Is it possible to have two different “Heading” styles in the same document? I would like to have legal numbering outline style (I, 1.1, 1.1.1, et seq.) and “normal” outline style (I, A, 1, (a) et seq) available in the same document. Obviously, one would have to somehow rename the style – Legal Heading 1 vs Normal Heading 1. Can this be done?

We are using Prolaw in this office (instituted this year) and I really don’t want to have a document type with normal outline style and a second document type with legal numbering outline style.

Any ideas?

Cathy Knisley Reply

Awesome! And you answered my problems!

Can’t wait to use the tricks

michele Reply

I admit to direct formatting footnotes – font, indents, spacing. The reveal formatting trick for footnotes is a lifesaver, thanks!

Felicity Hardee Reply

Loved this segment and the tip on modifying styles of document elements (such as footnotes) was particularly handy (I used it immediately to modify the font in my second page header for letters).

Thanks again!

Annie Wyatt Reply

I have to say it, “where have you been all my (Word) life?” This is excellent material and I have learned so much from you. I could have saved myself a lot of time and distress had I known this stuff years ago. So thank-you, thank-you! I wish you and your products very well.

Dakin Reply

You are awesome. Thank you for these. Two things – the link to the second video takes us to the first video. Also, more importantly, I would love to see a video on how you use Dragon Naturally Speaking. Have you done one? I tried using it, but didn’t have a lot of patience (and noticed you had the plug-in so presume you are using it).

    Deborah Savadra Reply

    @Dakin: Well … darn. I thought I’d double-checked that link. Thanks for the heads-up. It’s fixed now.

    No, I haven’t done any videos on how I use Dragon. I love it, although my use admittedly is limited to dictation and transcribing previous recordings (to sometimes hilarious results!) to facilitate closed-captioning of videos.

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