Revealed… How you can spend
67.26% less time formatting and
updating Word documents

(hint: it’s about letting the computer do more of the work)

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It’s one of Word’s most powerful features …but it’s incredibly frustrating to use!

If you frequently produce documents with numbered paragraphs or sections, you’ve probably used (or at least attempted to use )Word’s automatic paragraph numbering feature.

I mean, it’s right there on the Home tab. All you have to do is click the paragraph numbering button and start typing, right?

You’re shaking your head right now, aren’t you?

That’s because you’ve learned, the hard way, that automatic paragraph numbering can be flaky and unstable if you don’t understand it from the ground up. Numbering sequences get out of whack. It seems to have a mind of its own.

And the default settings aren’t always right for legal documents. You’re always having to reset the indentation with every new document (assuming you know how to do that). It’s always more work than it should be.

What a pain!

Automatic paragraph numbering is supposed to save you time, not work you to death.

But those time savings demonstrated above are possible, once you master Word’s automatic paragraph numbering feature!

Looking for those same results? Here’s someone whose story I bet you can relate to:

How important is automatic paragraph numbering?

Not only will automatic paragraph numbering allow you to insert or delete paragraphs without having to manually update the numbering, it also opens up other time-saving features such as:


If your documents refer readers to other paragraphs within it for clarification or definitions, being able to embed a cross-reference to that paragraph number and/or heading text is a huge timesaver.

Automatic TOCs

Learning how to couple Heading Styles with automatic paragraph numbering makes listing all your Articles, Sections, etc. in a Table of Contents three-click easy!

Consistent Styles

You’ve got access to up to nine different levels of numbering, allowing you to tightly control the formatting of even the most complex documents!

Easy Navigation

Using automatic paragraph numbering lets you get a bird’s eye view of your document in the Navigation Pane and even click to go directly to specific sections.

Stop manually updating your documents!

Mastering automatic paragraph numbering is not only key to you moving up from the beginner’s level in Microsoft Word to an intermediate level, it saves so much time and frustration! If your workload is increasing with no end in sight, you need to learn how to work smarter not harder … now.

Get instant access to Bulletproof Paragraph Formatting now!

This six-module mini course is normally a part of my more extensive (and higher-priced) courses, but for a limited time, I’m offering it to you for $7.

Here’s what you’ll learn

The Bulletproof Paragraph Numbering course covers multiple types of paragraph numbering, from the simplest inline paragraph numbers to complex multi-level schemes integrated with Heading Styles that can populate automated Tables of Contents. Here’s what you’ll learn during the course:


What’s covered

Video length 


First, there’s an Introduction which shows you exactly what paragraph numbering styles you’ll learn how to create, the differences between them, and what additional features each type will allow you to leverage.



“Inline” paragraph numbering. This is what most people think of when you say “automatic paragraph numbers” – just a number in any format that precedes each paragraph, whether with one level or multiple (e.g., 1., a., i., etc.).



Inline multi-level numbering with text is what we’ll cover next. Need your paragraphs to start with “Article” or “Section” with an Arabic or Roman numeral afterward? Here’s the lesson you’re looking for.



Next, we’ll move on to numbered headings with Styles, which will add the ability to pull your headings into an automated Table of Contents.



Want to save your numbering schemes to use later? That’s the focus of this module, Saving numbering schemes as List Styles.



Finally, for those who want to create sophisticated documents that include Heading Styles that are included with following text, we’ll cover Lead-in numbered text with Style Separators. 


Remember Heather? Here’s what she said about this course:

“Without your tutorials to give me sanity, I don’t know what I would do. Seriously.”

Heather and I went back and forth in the comments in the original tutorial series, and she threw multiple sets of requirements at me! (Her attorneys are a persnickety bunch, for sure.) I was glad I was able to help her, and now you can benefit from all that work!

“I’m a visual learner. If this is just a bunch of text and screenshots, then … no thanks.”

Every single lesson in the course features a full-length video showing all the steps necessary to create the numbering scheme being demonstrated. So if you’re a “monkey-see, monkey-do” learner, this is perfect! In fact, the course has over one full hour of video content. The average video lesson is about eight-and-a-half minutes, so you can learn one numbering scheme quickly and move on to the exercise (yes, there are exercises – more on that below!).

“I don’t have time to watch a bunch of videos. I just want to cut to the chase.”

The good news is, you don’t have to watch any video if you don’t want to. Right underneath each video is a full explanation of each step in the lesson, complete with screen shots. If you prefer to scan to a specific step, you can do that. (Of course, if you need a video explanation of that step, the text below each video gives you the time stamp for that step so you can go directly to it.)

“I’m a hands-on learner!”

Most people are! So the course not only features step-by-step video demonstrations, each numbering module comes with its own hands-on exercise! You simply download the sample Word file, complete the exercise, then watch the “solved” lesson to see whether you did everything right.

“How is the course delivered?”

Take a 2-minute tour of the courseware interface

The Best Time to Start Leveraging Auto-Numbering is Now!

This mini-course (just 6 modules) packs a huge time-saving punch! Learning how to deploy automatic numbering in your documents can help you create and edit documents faster and easier.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t believe this course gives you the skills to save time creating and editing your daily Word documents, just let me know within 60 days of purchase, and I’ll send you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the checkout process, you’ll be asked for your email and you’ll choose your own user id and password. (If you’re already enrolled in one of my other courses, you should log in at this point so all your courses will be associated with the same user ID.) Those credentials will be what you’ll need to log into the course (see below).

Your purchase receipt (which you’ll receive via email automatically as soon as you enroll) will have a link to the first lesson and detailed instructions on how to log in. That same link will also appear on the purchase confirmation page online after your payment is processed.

You’ll also automatically receive a series of emails that will guide you through the course and give you detailed login instructions at the bottom of each email.

Go to https://legalofficeguru/login and use the login form:

There’s also a Course Login button in the top menu on every page of my site:

You have lifetime access to the course! As long as this site is up and running, you can come back and go through the lessons at your leisure.

If you decide within 60 days of purchase that the course isn’t right for you, email me at [email protected], and I’ll process your refund within 24 hours. No questions asked! Depending on your bank or card, it may take 2-3 days for the refund to show up in your account.

Online services like Lynda and Udemy are great for picking up new skills. But the courses I feature here at Legal Office Guru not only teach you these same skills but apply them directly to the law office/legal department context. You’ll see how to use these skills in documents like the ones you work with everyday.

Click here to see a 2-minute video tour of the lesson interface.

Unfortunately, no. This course only covers the Windows versions from 2007 through 2019 and Microsoft 365.

Email me your question at [email protected] – I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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