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The Assemble Documents Faster Workshop
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Don’t spend your time in Microsoft Word re-inventing the wheel! While everybody else is scrounging around looking for old documents to copy that perfect bit of boilerplate text out of, you can whiz right past them with these Word features designed to make you a document-creating ninja.

During this course, I’ll teach you how you can leverage Word features such as Quick Parts, AutoText, Bookmarks, Cross-References, Fields and Templates to help you create documents faster and with fewer errors. Master these and you may be able to go home on time a lot more often!

I took a beta testing group of students through this course earlier this year, and the response has been exciting:​

Let me say that your work on providing this course is among the most helpful instructions I have found on Word. Take the simple Style Separator. I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, but it was not until you described the use of the Style Separator that it made sense to me. I did not even know of the Style Separator.

Thanks for your teaching. Most helpful.

Bill Elliott ... Attorney

"Deborah's lessons are thorough and easy to follow"

I enrolled in the course after using Deborah's tips on how to format an appellate brief. Her information was so helpful that I immediately wanted to learn everything I could from her, I was thrilled to find someone providing Word how-tos for the legal world.

How to use auto-text and auto-correct, how to set up pagination in specific ways, quick parts and formatting an appellate brief. I have not worked my way through the entire course yet, as some weeks I am limited on time. But I do go back and revisit lessons, like paragraph numbering for example. Having the information there and not eating up time searching the internet for an answer to a question or a problem has been a tremendous help in getting my work done faster. Deborah's lessons are thorough and easy to follow and she is extremely giving of her time. I could not have formatted and filed an appellate brief with the district court of appeals without what I learned from Deborah.

Katy R. ... Legal Assistant, Tampa, FL (Criminal defense and personal injury)

"I can’t begin to tell you all of the things I have learned that make my job easier"

When Deborah started advertising a new series of webinars for ways to assemble documents faster, I jumped at the chance! I am always looking for better, smarter, faster ways to produce documents. The Assemble Documents Faster series did not disappoint!

I LOVE Quick Parts!! It has made so many tasks quick and easy. I had no idea Quick Parts was a feature or that it would radically change the speed at which I can produce a document. All of the chunks of text that I use over and over are now saved in my Quick Parts gallery and with a couple of clicks I can drop them into the document I am working on. I use it for things like: captions, notary jurats, certificates of service, summonses, waivers and acceptance of service, certificates of conferral, deposition notices, stock objections for written discovery responses, just to name a few!! If I use it regularly, it’s in there.

I am still going back and reviewing the class material. There is so much information in there, I keep going back to pick up one more tip. I am excited about all of the options for creating and controlling list styles and numbering schemes. I find myself constantly tweaking and adjusting the way Word formats them.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Deborah, The Legal Office Guru. She is the go-to-girl for all things Word. I have learned a ton from working with her and subscribing to her blog. I can’t begin to tell you all of the things I have learned that make my job easier.

Tammy L. Hanks ... Senior Paralegal, Denver, CO