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Look above. All the courses you’re enrolled in are listed in the table above. Click on the arrow next to the course name to expand the list of lessons, then click on a lesson name to go to that lesson in that course.

Once you’re on a lesson page, all the lessons in that course will be listed in a navigation widget in the right-hand sidebar that looks like this:

Click on the name of any lesson to go directly to it. The lessons in the current module you’re in will be expanded as shown above. If you want to go directly to a lesson in the following module, click the plus sign (+) next to the module name to expand it and see all of the lessons.

You may also use the Next/Previous buttons at the bottom of each lesson to move between lessons.

(If there’s no previous lesson in a particular course module, there will be no “Previous” button. Ditto for “Next”.)

Still have questions? Feel free to email me at (Just substitute an @ symbol where indicated.)

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