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1 Putting dates in Word documents

Most users who’ve been working with Microsoft Word for a while know how to put a self-updating date into their document (say, for the top of a letter).

But what if you want something other than today’s date?  You may want to display the last time the document was updated (to keep up with which day’s draft you’re looking at), or the date the document was created, or when it was last printed.  Sometimes, particularly when multiple people are reviewing/editing a document, that’s important information to print on a draft.

So what do you do?

Here’s how to embed those document-specific dates into your document:
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1 How to Squeeze It All on One Page

Have you ever had a document that you had to get all on one page, but there seemed to be just a little too much text to make that happen?

I assume you’ve already tried reducing the font size or making the page margins smaller.  But have you tried any of the following?

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