How to create your own Pleading Paper template, Part 2

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David Rowell

Couple things:
(1) because many courts have max page limitations, I want to get as much text per page as possible, so I use 28 lines per page; that works out to “exactly” 22.7 points in the line spacing dialoge, 11.35 for address, signature, anything else I need to single space;
(2) I suspect the reason the format painter tool didn’t work out quite right in your video demo was because you selected text in the correct paragraph and painted the formating into the incorrect paragraph; I believe that when you select only a block of text the tool picks up the text formatting, not the paragraph formatting; your selection from the good paragraph has to include the paragraph mark to copy the paragraph level formatting, and you have to paint the formatting onto the paragraph mark in the bad paragraph, then you get line spacing, indents, tabs, etc.

My $0.02;

David Rowell

Deborah Savadra

(1) I hope that means my formula worked!

(2) Good point — I don’t think I was aware of that, so that’s a good tip for me to keep in mind next time I use Format Painter.

Judianne Jaffe

I have Windows 7 and Office/Word 2013. When I use any one of the templates, the line numbering disappears when I print the document. It shows up fine on the screen. Any suggestions?

    Deborah Savadra

    How far from the left-hand edge of the paper are the line numbers set up to print? It could be they’re too close to the edge for your printer.


Sometimes I need to merge two word documents together. One has pleading lines and the other does not. When I copy and paste the text from the non pleading paper document to the pleading paper document, my pleading lines disappear! And sometimes the far right line on pleading paper is gone. How do I fix this? If I had typed in the document it would have been fine.

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