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Guest Post @ Lawyerist: Using Tasks + Categories Views

Want to use Microsoft Outlook to organize your cases? Say, keep track of your overflowing to-do list, group all of your Smith v. Jones entries together, get an at-a-glance look at what’s on your plate this week?

In the second post in a series, I’m demonstrating those very things over on Lawyerist. In Using Outlook Tasks + Categories Views, I build on the techniques shown in the first post, this time focusing on how to use Task Views so you can get an overview of what’s coming up, like this:

You can even print these views out to put in your briefcase or working file.

To view the step-by-step demonstration of how the Task View above was created, click here.

1 Guest Post @ Lawyerist: Organize Matters using Microsoft Outlook Tasks

In Microsoft Outlook (as in life), there’s a lot more than meets the eye. And it’s a shame not to explore Outlook’s features (beyond just email and calendar), particularly if you work in a law office. I mean, who else deals with so much information?

If you want to use Outlook to help organize your client matters but don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered over at Lawyerist. In my guest post entitled “Organize Matters Using Microsoft Outlook,” I show you (step by step with screen shots and detailed instructions) how to:

  • Use Outlook’s Tasks feature to keep track of your to-do’s
  • Organize your Tasks by client/matter/file using Categories
  • Embed important information in your Tasks, like Word documents or Outlook v-cards with contact info

And this is just the beginning. Be sure to follow the entire series and pick up some skills that could save you a lot of time and busywork.

Click here for the full article.