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Guest Post @ Lawyerist: Microsoft says no Office for iPad

Last week, my guest post at Lawyerist gathered together some of the news coverage surrounding Microsoft’s release of Office 2013 (a.k.a. Office 15), including Bloomberg Businessweek’s interview with Steve Ballmer in which he responded, “I’m not going to talk about that” when asked when Microsoft would add an iPad app to Office.

The response was staggering — over 100 comments (so far), with what could politely be referred to as a diversity of opinion.  Within a couple of hours of publication, the editor at Lawyerist reported that traffic to the site (and to my post) was going through the roof.

Click here to read the article and see what the excitement’s about.

Guest Post @ Lawyerist: Microsoft Office on iPad

If you’ve got an iPad and are frustrated by Microsoft’s failure to (thus far) create an Office app for iOS, I’ve reviewed several possible alternatives on my guest post on Lawyerist, “Microsoft Office on iPad.” Some are, frankly, better than others; some are free while others require a subscription.

Find out how you can edit your Microsoft Office files on your iPad by clicking here.

Weekly Roundup: Double-click shortcuts, the case of the missing ampersand, and more Office for iPad news

This week: Stop wandering around Microsoft Word’s Ribbon looking for commands and do some strategic double-clicking instead, why putting an ampersand in your Excel header or footer yields a weird result (and what to do if you really, really want that “&” to show up in your header or footer), and more news about an exciting iPad application that lets you edit Office documents. That’s right … it’s the Weekly Roundup!

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1 Weekly Roundup: Popular Word fixes, Excel row headers, and Office for iPad

Now that it’s past the annual holiday season here in the US (Santa brought me a way-big monitor!) it’s back in the saddle again for the Weekly Roundup. This week: Microsoft Office blog does its own list of most popular posts (including a couple of issues that continually plague legal Office users), a quick-and-dirty Excel tutorial on printing title rows, and an exciting rumor for iPad users.

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