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Guest Post @ Lawyerist: Five Essential PC Performance Tasks

My friend Karen has been complaining recently about a computer being too slow. When I asked her when was the last time she defragged, she looked at me as if I were swearing at her.

If your PC is starting to have a few performance issues (or, even better, if it’s not having any performance issues yet), you need to take a look at my guest post over at Lawyerist about five regular maintenance items you should be doing for your PC. Don’t worry if terms like “defrag” and “disk cleanup” aren’t part of your normal vocabulary. The article not only shows you what to do, but also explains how often you should do it and why each task is important.

And I’m not the only expert who shows up in this article. One commenter suggested tools in addition to those I recommended.

Click here for the full article.