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How one Legal Office Guru reader is using my SEQ autonumbering technique

I’m always gratified when a solution I’ve come up with (and published) is helping people in the “real world” (as opposed to … what? ?). Sometimes, I find out about it when readers email me to tell me how they’re using a solution in their office. But occasionally, I see increased traffic “click over” from another site and follow the referring link to see what’s going on.

It was the latter scenario that brought this blog post to my attention:


I especially liked three things about this person’s deployment of my “how to autonumber interrogatories using the SEQ field” technique:

  • It updates the technique for Word 2013 users (the original tutorial was published in 2012);
  • The blogger has deployed this throughout his firm using a customized Building Blocks file; and
  • It has video!

So head on over to Remedial Action Law to check it out!

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6 Using (and configuring) Bullets & Numbers

If you’re anything like me, one of the things you really hate is having to move paragraphs around in a long pleading (like a set of discovery requests).  Fortunately, if you know your way around Microsoft Word’s Bullets & Numbers feature, at least you won’t have to renumber every paragraph by hand.

Using Bullets & Numbers’ pre-defined formats is very easy.  The easiest way is to use the buttons on the Formatting Toolbar in Word 2002-2003 or the top row of the Paragraph section of the Home tab in Word 2007-2010:




This gives you the basic, standard format. But what if you want some other format?

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