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Brief Builder’s Workshop

This course teaches Word formatting specific to legal briefs, including Styles, Tables of Contents & Tables of Authorities, Sections with distinct page numbers and page layout, and much more.

ADF Bonus Downloads

This is where Assemble Documents Faster students can download related course materials like Fix Formatting Fast, Bulletproof Paragraph Formatting, and the launch bonuses.

Document Collaboration

Collaboratively editing a document? Make the editing process easier by using Microsoft Word’s built-in Track Changes feature, plus other document collaboration features on the Review tab.

Basic Word Skills for Legal Professionals

This course in the essential features of Microsoft Word for the legal professional starts with the absolute basics: navigating the interface; creating, opening, entering text into, copying text from/to and saving documents; formatting characters, paragraphs and pages; inserting automatic paragraph numbers, page numbers, watermarks, and headers/footers; finishing your document with spell check and metadata scrub; and printing or PDFing your document (including envelopes and labels).

Assemble Documents Faster

Don’t spend your time in Microsoft Word re-inventing the wheel! While everybody else is scrounging around looking for old documents to copy that perfect bit of boilerplate text out of, you can whiz right past them with these Word features designed to make you a document-creating ninja.

During this course, I’ll teach you how you can leverage several Word features — including Quick Parts, AutoText, Fields and Templates — to help you create documents faster and with fewer errors. Master these and you may be able to go home on time a lot more often!

The Efficient Lawyer’s Guide to Word

Struggling with Word? Don’t despair! This course is designed to take the law office user through all of the basic functions of Word, beginning with how to get around the Ribbon interface through how to create, edit and print your document. If you’ve been struggling to get your work done in Word, help is here!

Create Your Own Pleading Paper Template

If your courts require you to use “pleading paper” with line numbers down the side (and a bunch of other requirements), you’ve probably been frustrated with the lack of support Microsoft gives you. But help is here! In this two-part course, I show you how the templates Microsoft gives you are constructed so you can use and even modify them for your court’s particular requirements.

Fix Formatting Fast

This course has tips and tricks for fixing Microsoft Word formatting in any situation. It also teaches users why formatting gets jacked up so they can avoid future errors.