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19 Copying vertical columns of text in Word

If you’ve ever had information typed up like this:Information typed in tabbed columns… and only needed to copy the stuff out of one column, you’ll love this tip.

Say, for example, you needed to just get the dollar amounts and copy them someplace else.  If you’ve got a whole list of these, you might think you’ll either have to type this up again, or copy-and-paste each amount separately.

Au contraire. Trust me, you’ll love this trick!

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26 Using and formatting columns in Microsoft Word

I’ll admit it — I’m not a big fan of the Columns feature in Microsoft Word.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, per se.  It works fine (until it doesn’t).  But in a legal office environment, I usually format blocks of information with tables because they’re a bit easier to control.

But I’ve seen lots of legal professionals use columns to format things like service lists in Certificates of Service.  Hey, to each her [his] own.

So if you want to use this feature in your Microsoft Word documents, here’s what you need to know:

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