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3 How to keep Track Changes from broadcasting your confidential data

If you frequently edit documents in “group” mode (exchanging drafts of a release with opposing counsel, for example), you’ve probably used Word’s Track Changes feature to stay on top of the edits.

Track Changes, however, has its problems. Sometimes it’s tricky to even tell if Track Changes is turned on. That becomes particularly important when you’re exchanging documents with people outside the office (and critical when it’s opposing counsel you’re dealing with). After all, if you don’t know that your own edits are being tracked and recorded, you may be inadvertently revealing confidential information.

Fortunately, you can tweak certain settings in Microsoft Word to ensure that you don’t get tripped up by hidden tracked changes. Here are my suggestions for features you should turn on so Track Changes is always open and obvious and under your complete control. Keep reading →

Guest post @ Lawyerist – Preventing Metadata

If you’re interested in doing everything possible to ensure you’re not leaking metadata via Word documents you’re sending out (via email otherwise), be sure to check out my guest post at Lawyerist entitled “Metadata Defense in Microsoft Word.” In it, I show you several software settings you need to be sure you’ve covered so you’re not inadvertently creating confidentiality-busting metadata.

There’s also a related discussion in the Lawyerist LAB forum about whether solos and small firms really need a batch metadata cleaner in addition to the measures I outline in this post.

I’m going to be writing for Lawyerist regularly on Microsoft Office topics, so be on the lookout for more guest posts!

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