Line justification (a.k.a. paragraph alignment)

Super easy — here’s how you do left-justify, right-justify, center, and full-justify in Microsoft Word (either with your mouse or your keyboard).

Using the Formatting Toolbar

You can control justification/alignment of a paragraph by clicking on the following buttons on the Formatting Toolbar.

leftjustify Left-Justify — leaves a ragged right edge to the paragraph (like a typewriter would).

centerjustify Center — centers the text on each line.

fulljustify Full-Justify — gives paragraphs an even left and right margin by proportionally spacing the text.

rightjustify Right-Justify — aligns the text even with the right-hand margin.

Using the Format, Paragraph menu

If you need to do more extensive paragraph formatting (indentions, etc.), you can also adjust the justification/alignment within the Format, Paragraph menu while you’re there:


Using the keyboard

Assuming you have not re-assigned any of Word’s delivered hot-keys (a.k.a. shortcut keys), you can use the following key combinations to control justification/alignment:

  • Left-justify – CNTRL-L
  • Right-justify – CNTRL-R
  • Center-justify – CNTRL-E
  • Full-justify – CNTRL-J
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